Workplace resilience training

The Rising Minds E-learning Resilience  programme – designed specifically for the workplace – teaches techniques and everyday practices to enhance resilience. It’s rooted in mindfulness practice with a strong emphasis on cognitive psychology and neuroscience, making it relevant and useable at work.

Why do you need it? The most recent Labour Force Survey reports that 11.7m work days a year are lost through stress, anxiety and depression. Employers have a legal duty of care to take steps to protect their employees. This programme has been tested and evaluated in association with the Local Government Association and Kingston Business School. Key training benefits include handling stress; managing workloads and energy; maintaining focus and concentration; enhanced communication skills; reduced conflict in work relationships; making good decisions under pressure; prioritising competing demands; and handling uncertainty and adapting to change.

Who is it for? The training is suitable for employees at all levels. It can be supplemented with additional elements for specific groups, for example, leadership, special work situations, return to work etc.

How is it delivered? There are 6 main modules of 45-60 mins providing an immersive learning experience with a mix of video, quizzes, exercises and interactive elements. The emphasis throughout is on developing practical skills, as participants are guided through a range of specially designed meditations for the workplace, including some mini practices to do in the midst of working life. There are other practical exercises and reflections to bring to life core themes and concepts.

What equipment is needed? An internet-enabled computer, tablet or mobile device, headphones and a quiet space. The training can be done either in an office or at home.

What are the benefits of a computer-based course?

  • Cost-effective roll-out to large populations within an organisation
  • Flexible scheduling for organisations and individuals
  • All the core materials of a live training programme for participants to practice in their own time

What does it cost? Packages for 50 employees are priced at £99 per head. Additional learning prices are available on request.