Michele delivered her introduction to mindfulness based resilience training at the Home Office to a number of staff working on immigration strategy who work in a high pressure environment. We found the material and techniques covered in the training extremely useful, and those who attended were very positive about what they had learnt, and how it would help them. Michele is a friendly, engaging and interesting trainer who can speak authoritatively on mindfulness, stress identification and reduction. Michele took time before the session to ask us about our needs, and we received useful extra materials for reference following which added value. This is good training, well worth doing if you’re work involves pressure and stress management. Highly recommend it.

Charlie Bury, Private Secretary to Robert Arnott, Director, Border and Immigration System Directorate

I’ve rarely attended a session where I’ve had a clearer demonstration of both the benefits of the approach and the simplicity of its application.  Thanks also for the skillful way you presented it all.  I felt it in my brain (“Aha!”) and in my stomach (excitement at the possibilities).

Peter Winnall, Practive.

Full programmes combining mindfulness training with life coaching

We have just completed a twelve week programme delivered by Rising Minds, supporting local people with dealing with the pressures of daily life. South Kilburn is going through a huge regeneration process. In addition there is high unemployment and problems with crime and gangs. Day to day life can be very challenging for residents and it was clear that a programme that supported people with stress management and how to make important changes in their lives would be very beneficial. We began working with Rising Minds in late 2013 and they have worked closely with us throughout, ensuring that the programme was the best fit for our residents. The twelve week course, covering group mindfulness and 1:1 life coaching, has been a huge success and we have received extremely positive feedback from participants. Our main contacts, Tim and Michele, have been flexible, supportive and professional at all times and we have also been impressed by other life coaches who delivered 1:1 work. I would definitely recommend them to other organisations.”

Sally Evatt, Community Programme Manager, South Kilburn Trust

Quaker Social Action currently contract with Rising Minds to deliver a service called This Way Up. This is a project which blends coaching and mindfulness to equip people with more confidence in their own ability to plan their own futures, realistically and confidently, minimising stress and maximizing agency. For us, as an anti-poverty organisation, such a project is a much valued part of our portfolio of services, as we know that, for some of our service users, the barriers to change can be significant and a sense of powerless can be overwhelming. It has been a pleasure to see This Way Up grow from a tentative pilot to a service with a strong sense of purpose and understanding of what works. Both Tim and Michele have been flexible, responsive, professional and positive in all of the discussions we have had about the project. Another quality that shines out from their work is the desire to ensure that it has impact –that it genuinely makes a difference to their client’s lives. This is palpable from their conduct and also from the practical steps they have put in place to ensure the project delivers really clear monitoring and evaluation.

Judith Moran, Director, Quaker Social Action

Workplace mindfulness and resilience training

I was particularly impressed with the sensitive and thoughtful way Michele and Tim approached the commission [for a programme of mindfulness-based resilience training].  They clearly have real mastery of resilience training techniques, but they took time to appreciate the experiences of staff and facilitated a safe space for them to share making the exercise all the more meaningful. The short taster sessions they ran allowed people to try without committing to a full training course.  However, the take-up was exceptional.   Michele and Tim are both highly professional and committed.  They are serious-minded people, flexible and innovative.  They understand the public sector context and how organisations work and draw on their own career histories in a way that makes the training highly personal and all the more effective. What started out as a pilot has since become a core offer to our staff.  I have no doubt that Michele and Tim’s efforts in creating a bespoke response to the needs of our people have made a significant difference to individuals, our service and how they feel about us an employer. I have no hesitation in recommending Rising Minds, and would be happy to discuss our experiences of their programme if useful.

Andrea Baker, Director of Housing, Poplar Harca Housing Association

I was looking into providing Mindfulness training for our staff and I was recommended  Rising Minds. I met with Tim to get a feel for what Rising Minds could offer our organisation and to gauge how well my somewhat sceptical staff would take to mindfulness. I was immediately reassured they would take the training very seriously.  Rising Minds trainers have a good grasp of the scientific basis for mindfulness and are able to handle the rigorous challenges from staff. The  training is taking effect and is starting to make a difference to a number of staff members. The course has been manageable for our busy professionals and has allowed them to take bite size chunks of the technique of Mindfulness and practice this on a regularly basis without demanding an off putting commitment. I would wholeheartedly recommend Rising Minds as trainers of the Mindfulness approach to life.

Chief Executive, a London Corporate Law Firm

In early 2014 Moorfield Group decided to explore the possibility of offering mindfulness training to employees. We were put in touch with Rising Minds, and our chief executive Marc Gilbard met with Tim Segaller to ascertain if he had the right credentials and general experience to deliver the training. Marc was impressed with Tim’s ability to communicate the ‘softer’ aspects of mindfulness in a way that would be understood and assimilated by people working in a very matter of fact and time-pressured business environment. We went ahead and commissioned a four-session mindfulness course, which was attended by 11 staff. The training has proved to be very successful in helping a number of the participants to take a more reflective approach.  The ratings for the course were high, and all participants said they would recommend similar training for their colleagues. We have been impressed with Rising Minds’ ability to adapt its training methods and materials to the particular nature of our working environment. This was supported by the trainer’s encouragement to participants to find their own ways to introduce mindfulness techniques into their working and everyday life. We would have no hesitation in recommending mindfulness training as a tool for enabling staff to thrive in their work, and Rising Minds as the ideal organisation to provide that service.

Ruth Mitchell, Marketing & PR, Moorfield Group

As part of the Newham General Practice Vocational Training Scheme (GP VTS) we often invite outside specialists and speakers to enhance the learning of our local GP trainees so that they may become well rounded, competent clinicians to serve the population providing high quality primary health care within the NHS. Last year, during one of our brainstorming sessions with the trainees we discussed techniques to try and relax not only patients but themselves during their working and personal lives. We decided to go for mindfulness training as a method that we felt encompasses most of what we were desiring and after some research into organisations that were providing the training, we opted for Rising Minds. The feedback from the session was very positive and is something that we would consider returning to. It helped enable our future trainees to benefit the patients they serve in a stressful NHS environment as well as enabling them to develop new techniques and approaches to managing stress in their own lives.

Dr Osman Bhatti, Newham GP VTS Programme Director

One-to-one coaching

“The ways in which coaching has helped me are immeasurable. I now work and interact with others in a more creative and mindful way.  Michele creates an atmosphere of trust and REAL support.  She is wonderful.  Be kind to yourself by enlisting her support.”

“I was profoundly impressed by Tim’s coaching style. It opened doors in our conversations that I could not see existed. He is highly perceptive and able to shoot powerful questions straight at the heart of issues, opening great insights. Be ready to be impressed and to move forward, whatever you are pursuing!”

“Working with Michele is of great value if you’re ready to be honest with yourself and are serious about making changes in your life. Michele’s intuition took us beyond what I was saying and steered me toward the heart of the matter. She has a knack for asking questions you may avoid asking yourself, and her gentle persistence helps draw out elusive answers that can reveal new options, or point you in the right direction. Michele also possesses a wealth of innate wisdom and life experience that instil confidence and makes the hard work of changing the status quo a little easier.”

“Tim’s gift is to be able to mesh tremendous intuition and sensitivity with some really helpful structure. A fabulous coach.”

“My sessions with my coach were extremely useful for talking through issues about my career and about my anxiety in general. I always came away feeling positive and that change was possible. He was great at asking questions which gently challenged my fixed ideas about myself and the future.”

“I found Tim to be a highly professional and skilled coach. He put me at ease from the start.  The coaching has enabled and encouraged me to make more time for myself and plan better for the future.  I would thoroughly recommend coaching with Tim. It was highly successful and rewarding experience.” Richard Woollard, Anglian Communications manager, The Environment Agency

“Coaching gave me the space to think about personal achievements within work and personal life. It was a chance to tackle internal and external problems that have prevented me from achieving my goals, work load and ambitions. After the six weeks I felt as if I was on the right path to thinking more succinctly and productively.” Staff member at an East London Social Inclusion charity

Project management

“Michele has a strong vision of future possibilities and a great sense of tenacity. She is excellent at building relationships and making sure both sides get value from them.” Deputy Director, BBC News

“Michele is one of those rare people with the ability to cut through rhetoric, bureaucracy and obstacles to get things done. Her tremendous capacity to listen allows her to offer effective and perceptive insights which I truly valued while we worked together. She has clarity of vision and a nuanced understanding of market and political issues which makes her a much valued voice of sanity and reasonableness, in an oft-times unreasonable business!” Head of Strategic Partnerships, Google

“Michele Grant is a highly skilled and effective partner. She took the time to understand my business and was forthright and clear in how we might help one another achieve our goals together. Our companies both benefited from her professionalism.” Vice President, ABC News

Conflict resolution training

“Tim is a wonderful trainer who I’ve worked with several times and would jump at the opportunity to do so again. Trainees have, each time, been appreciative of his personal commitment to the topics (conflict coaching, mediation, mindfulness); the creativity of the training; the encouragement he has offered; and the expertise he has brought and shared generously. As the commissioner of training, I’ve really appreciated Tim’s impeccable reliability, his adaptability, his eagerness for feedback and his willingness to shape training in a way that compliments other developments in the organisation.” Director, Common Ground Mediation

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