Services for organisations

We specialise in training services that can help your organisation strengthen wellbeing and resilience for employees at all levels. We offer mindfulness, communication skills, and conflict management training – via short courses, workshops, multi-session mindfulness training programmes, and one-to-one coaching. Our services are flexible and tailored to the specific needs of each organisation.

Short workshops and courses

We run 90 min taster sessions, and ½ day, full-day or two-day workshops. They’re designed to help you counteract common problems that come with demanding targets and complex decision making – stress, burnout, conflict, and ‘stuck’ thinking. We teach simple, practical and powerful tools – based in mindfulness and communications skills – enabling staff to self-manage emotions and workloads; and to boost leaders’ ability to manage large teams and to make critical decisions.

Wellbeing workshops

Introduction to Mindfulness: Introducing a range of cognitive and mindfulness-based techniques for managing stress and enhancing individual and organisational resilience.

Personal effectiveness and impact workshop: Combining approaches from Mindfulness, Acceptance and Commitment Training, and Positive Psychology to enhance individuals’ sense of agency, value and impact.

Leadership resilience workshops

Mindful management workshop: Learning how to step back and understand your organisation as a systemic whole; developing emotional intelligence for working with teams and staff.

Making wise decisions workshop: Using mindfulness and cognitive approaches to learn how to disentangle from ‘stuck’ thinking when faced with complex decisions, and tap into a more creative, intuitive mode.

Communication skills workshops

Co-active coaching skills workshop: Staff in client-facing or management roles can easily get stuck in advice-giving or ‘command and control’ modes.  Coaching and communication skills can help them step into a ‘co-active’ mode – enabling the people they work with to access their own problem-solving resources.

Conflict management workshop: Conflict in the workplace is costly – leading to high staff absenteeism and turnover, and reduced productivity. Effective communication skills – drawn from mindfulness, mediation and coaching – can help organisations and teams nip things in the bud, and build stronger working relationships.

Multi-session programmes: Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction

Mindfulness has been clinically demonstrated to help people deal with stress, feel better and think more clearly. We run two programmes (4 or 6 x 90 min sessions; weekly or fortnightly) – one for general wellbeing, and one for leadership resilience. With both, participants receive the Rising Minds course booklet, CD and downloadable MP3 files. We also recommend three accompanying 1-1 coaching sessions to personalize and lock in the programme’s benefits.

Mindfulness-based wellbeing programme for the high-pressure workplace: Providing staff at any level in your organisation with mindfulness-based techniques to respond wisely to triggers, manage their workload and energy, and improve decision-making.

Mindfulness-based resilience programme for managers and leaders: Helping you to identify when, where and how stress manifests for individual managers and leaders, for teams and therefore for the entire organisation. We explore how you can best respond to these stressors – how to approach teams/staff, crisis management, and complex decision making.

Our ABC approach to mindfulness training programmes – all our mindfulness programmes work through three key stages:

Awareness of the stress patterns of the organisation/team/individual, what triggers those stresses, how they manifest themselves, and the automatic responses to them.

Being with the difficult – unlearning our tendency to suppress, avoid or struggle unproductively with things we can’t control (feelings, complexity, uncertainty and pressure).

Choosing wise responses to stressful situations; managing ourselves, our teams and whole organisation

Why choose Rising Minds?

Making it relevant to your organisation: We don’t have a one-size-fits-all approach. We work alongside you to tailor the progamme to your organisation. For mindfulness programmes, we begin with a research phase (individual interviews; and a group taster session).  We then write a report – the basis for a course adapted for your organisation.

Personal support: one-to-one coaching: We also offer 1-1 mindfulness coaching for senior executives, and individual coaching for valued staff with issues relating to personal wellbeing, such as stress, low-level depression, addictions and trauma.

Evaluation and outcomes: For mindfulness training programmes, we use a combination of the World Health Organisation (WHO) Wellbeing Index and qualitative self-evaluation to provide clear feedback. Benefits include:

  • Reduced staff sickness and turnover
  • Greater leadership resilience: more effective crisis and conflict management
  • Better interactions between staff and clients/customers, and between managers and teams
  • More robust decision-making

Wide range of experience: Rising Minds is non-profit social enterprise, working in the public and corporate sectors, and in the community. Our co-founders are professionally trained coaches, mindfulness teachers and mediators – with backgrounds in senior management and communications. We are supported by a team of carefully chosen associates and an Advisory Board, with wide experience in the private, public and third sectors.

To discuss your organisation’s needs email or call 020 3475 2028.

Other services for organisations

Team coaching/facilitation: Many organisations find that, despite their staff being highly skilled and committed individuals, a lack of co-ordinated teamwork is still holding them back. Through team coaching and facilitation, we can help your people act as an ‘effective collective’. Our work is focused on helping you to understand and appreciate each other, to discover how your individual strengths can be put to best use in a team, and to generate a true, common understanding of your shared objectives. We offer team coaching and facilitation as one-off sessions of half a day or whole day; or as a cumulative series spread over weeks or months.

Mediation and conflict coaching: Conflict can be a destructive force in organisations, and the people they employ. The good news is that many workplace conflicts, when handled sensitively, can be successfully resolved – leading to more productive and happy partnerships. Our pool of trained, experienced mediators and conflict coaches are highly skilled at creating an environment in which you feel supported and safe to explore difficult issues, so you can find workable solutions for the future.

Mediation: For on-going disputes – between two or more parties – mediation can be a highly cost effective solution. The mediation process usually takes place over one day and involves:

  • Individual meetings: one-to-one meetings with each party to map the conflict; to explore their feelings, needs and goals; and to prepare them for the joint meeting – what they want to say, the likely impact of that, and imagining the other party’s perspective.
  • Joint meetingenabling the parties to engage in open and honest dialogue, and arrive at practical, realistic, agreed outcomes.

Conflict coaching: Alongside mediation, conflict coaching provides one-to-one support to people involved in a dispute, either before or after a joint mediation, or when mediation isn’t possible. The process involves:

  • Scoping and brief: three-way meeting with the sponsor of the conflict coaching and the client
  • Coaching session(s): establishing the context and the client’s goals; delving deeper to uncover the client’s feelings and needs; exploring different perspectives; and finding solutions.