The Open Book Project

Rising Minds is proud to manage the Open Book Coaching Programme based at Goldsmiths College, University of London. Open Book itself supports students who are entering higher education late and from challenging circumstances, including past addiction, criminal records, mental health problems and other social barriers.

Rising Minds provides coaching to students at Goldsmiths and at a satellite project in Chatham – with joint funding for Open Book and Rising Minds from the Lankelly Chase Foundation (LCF). For an insight into how LCF works, watch this video:

Further coaching is provided to other students by Rising Minds’ dedicated team of pro bono executive coaches.

The Open Book scheme itself was founded by Rising Minds Advisory Board member, Joe Baden.  Perhaps the best insight into it can be found in this article from The Independent.

This is a long-term project covering a consortium of colleges including Goldsmiths, Queen Mary and LSE.  For more information and case studies contact