For individuals

We can all get stuck in our lives or our careers sometimes. And for some of us, what life throws up can make it even harder. If that feels like you, Rising Minds is here to help you get unstuck, through our range of one-to-one services.

Perhaps you want to make some changes or start afresh – like getting into education, training or work; or improving your work/life balance, relationships, and friendships; or taking up new interests and activities.

Or perhaps you’re struggling in a job that’s stressful, or feels like it isn’t going anywhere – and you want to make some changes.

Whatever you’re seeking, we help find your own resources to take charge of your life, to feel good about yourself, and to plan for your future. We do this through:

  • Coaching – one-to-one sessions with someone who’s trained at helping you work things out so that you take the driving seat in your life. Watch a video about coaching
  • Mindfulness – a scientifically-proven way of training your mind to be stronger and clearer, so that you can deal with stress, feel better in yourself, and think more clearly. Watch a video about mindfulness
  • Conflict coaching – with a trained conflict resolution expert who can work with you alone to help you look at how you can manage the conflict or with all the parties to mediate towards a solution.

You can have any combination of any of these services, plus you get to choose the coaches and trainers who you’ll work with.

As a social enterprise, we’re committed to offering, where possible, our services to those who couldn’t otherwise afford them. For more information read about The Rising Minds Foundation.

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