About us

We are Michele Grant and Tim Segaller,  founder directors and qualified practitioners in coaching, mindfulness training and conflict management.  Through our social enterprise, Rising Minds, we are committed to blending skilfully those professional disciplines into leading edge services that have real-world impact for people in their day-to-day lives.

We operate in the workplace; through community organisations; and with individuals to nurture the internal resources and resilience needed for people to thrive.

For organisations  we offer a range of short courses and workshops for wellbeing, leadership resilience, and communications skills; and multi-session Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction programmes – one for stress management, and one for leadership resilience. We also offer one-to-one support (mindfulness coaching for senior executives, and individual coaching for employees with particular needs), and a range of conflict management interventions.

For self-referring  individuals we offer packages of professional coaching with elements of mindfulness work.

As a social enterprise we are also committed to offering commercial quality coaching and mindfulness training to people who cannot afford to pay.  We do this through the Rising Minds Foundation, and also through a pro-bono coaching scheme for the Open Book project – designed to widen participation in higher education and we have plans to expand our pro-bono coaching in the future.

Our advisory board comprises some of the best people in their respective fields, from our own coaching and mindfulness specialisms, through to legal and accountancy, the health service, and the private, public and third sectors.

Our pool of skilled associates – in the fields of coaching, mindfulness training, and conflict resolution – have wide experience in the private, public and third sectors.

Our values underpin everything we do:

We treat everyone with dignity, compassion and respect; and believe they are the experts on themselves with the capacity to make their own wise choices.

With our blend of coaching and mindfulness we create a space for people to understand and appreciate themselves, to ask themselves the right questions and to come up with authentic responses that promote their personal growth and creativity.

We care about real world relevance; making things work in the world as it and taking our place in the community we live in.