Open Book project award

We are delighted that our Open Book pro-bono coaching scheme was honoured with an award for Best Case Study at the recent Coaching At Work Awards.    The Open Book Coaching Scheme is a project of Rising Minds which matches coaches to people who have missed out on higher education due to difficult past experiences including prison, addiction, abuse and poverty.  Open Book itself is based at Goldsmith’s college and Queen Mary, both part of the University of London.   Individuals come to the scheme with a spark of interest in pursuing education but with little confidence or support.  The coaches stick with them for as long as is needed.

The case study was based on an evaluation of the scheme by Marcus Morgan,  sociologist and Fellow at Murray college, Cambridge.


These are some of the judges’ comments:

  • “This refreshing piece distinctly positions coaching within a broad social enterprise agenda”
  • “This case study is particularly inspiring because of its context, but also because of the way it shows impact on coaches, as well as clients.”
  • “A reminder of how coaching can add value in different settings.”
  • “A glimpse into how the modern world and changes in technology don’t substitute the need for and value of, human relationship.”

You can read the full article here



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