‘Find Your Way’ – coaching and mindfulness in South Kilburn

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A programme for anyone in and around South Kilburn who wants something to change or improve in their lives and needs some help to make it happen.

  • understand yourself and your mind
  • cope better with day‐to‐day life
  • feel calm and confident in yourself
  • take steps towards your goals

What you get

Life coaching: one-to-one sessions with a trained coach, helping you to work things out so that you can take control of your life PLUS

Mindfulness: a group course that teaches you skills to make your mind calmer and more positive, so you can deal with whatever life throws up

“I can’t believe the difference this programme has made to my life, my thinking and understanding of myself and life…and all in six weeks!”

“This programme has marshalled my thoughts, increased my confidence and re-ignited my motivation.”

“This programme helped me to focus on future goals and helped me to look at what’s going on now and how I can think about feeling better about my circumstances.”

“I learnt that I can be calm, focused and happier; that I can overcome my problems by realising myself. I now understand myself better.”

Fifteen free places available

Call Sally Evatt: 0207 328 1199, email s.evatt@sknt.co.uk or call or text 07764 355139

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